7 Simple Ways to Jailbreak Your World



7 Simple Ways to Jailbreak Your World

Jailbreak is a techno term for modifying systems on a smartphone, tablet or mobile device. And why would anyone want to do this? The jailbreak allows you to better utilize the device in new ways, but here’s the key thing; these ways help YOU! Transparency: I have no intentions of jailbreaking ANY of my smart devices (they work fine for me as they are) but I am totally engaged with living my life and experiencing my world in ways that are more open to God, and work better for me and the people in my world.

How can you “jailbreak” your world? How do you get out ruts, see and feel differently, find the “next step” for your life without destroying your current relationships and life structure? Here’s 7 simple things that work for me, try some yourself. It’s kind of fun.

1)      Imagine God is MUCH more Powerful and Ultimate than you can imagine. Based on that, how would your life be different? If God is ultimately in charge of the universe, what would you do, where would you go? Who else would be in your life?

2)      Engage people in new ways, join a small group at your church (transparency: I’m a small groups minister, and so of course this is my answer to everything),  start a conversation on a train, at the airport, at the stoplight, or in the mall. Really LOOK and LISTEN to people. I bought a bottle of water for a rabbi in Times Square this year, introduced myself as a Christian minister, just said thanks for being Jewish, and for sharing the heritage of the Hebrew scriptures. He LOVED it!

3)       Get a different haircut. No joke. I do this, and it’s fun. It’s just hair, come on!!!

4)      Buy a cool skinny tie. They’re in right now, hip and fun.

5)      Eat at an ethnic restaurant. Pretend you’re in that country.

6)      Dress up, I mean 100% dressy, go to a museum, look thoughtfully at the art, then eat in the café. Quick story about this:

 I went to the Kimbell Art Museum for some solitude, sat quiety and ate their fantastic lunch and Laura Bush (yes, THAT Laura Bush-at the museum with friends) looked at me several times before concluding I wasn’t anybody she knew. Still a WIN!

7)      Go over your possessions, get rid of the stuff you don’t want (give it to a service-based organization, or away to friends, or sell it), and instead buy a few AWESOME things you LOVE.

That’s IT! Hope you come up with some of your own ideas. Thanks for readin’. PEACE!



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