We All Need a Small Group


I am beyond blessed to have friends with faith and many friends with different faith or none. I embrace them all (at least when I’m not sweaty from yard work).

We see the world through our own lens, my lens is the work I do to help build community at The Hills Church of Christ inFort Worth,Texas. It’s my dream that every person everywhere finds a place to be part of a small group in some context- it’s that’s important.

 Here’s why:

 We’re wired to belong, to be with other people. I’m amazed how many lone rangers there are in the world; those who have some family or work connections, but few genuine “hey, here’s who I really am” relationships. We not only survive but thrive when we “run in packs”. We’re wired to share who we are with people who accept us and care about us. We thrive when we belong.

 We need to give and receive personal, emotional, spiritual and financial resources. The early Christian community had all things common, and we’re quick to object to this practice today. We fail to realize there are times when we feel more human, more fully alive when we share what we have – sometimes in sacrificial ways. The culture and economy are chaotic, we learn to cope in this environment by realizing we’re not alone, there are others struggling, and we can help each other. And there are times when we learn the humbling lesson that others can share their resources with us.

 We need to feel valued. The many worlds we live in call for segmented lives and identities: employer, employee, consumer, citizen, mom, dad, son, daughter – all good things yet only segments of who we are. A small group can help us feel whole again, by seeing each person as the priceless, complex individuals we are.

 Elton Trueblood, a theologian of the past century wrote in 1943 “True community, true fellowship is indeed a rare and precious thing”.  Here’s hoping you find some.

 Peace  y’all,




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