Why You Should Get a Kindle

Been a book lover all my life. Still love ’em, and found the Kindle experience makes the books I love (both old and new) even better. If you have a Kindle, I’m preaching to the choir, if you’re on the fence, I hope to sway you, if you don’t want one, at least give these reasons a look:

-139 bucks won’t kill ya, that’s what a low end Kindle costs, and you can get about 20 bucks off that if you get the bottom end model that runs occasional ads. I have the 139 Kindle, I don’t want ads.

-It fits and goes literally anywhere, slips into a large pocket in a jacket, slips unobtrusively into my thin leather briefbag.

-You can choose the print and size you like, and this makes for a more pleasurable reading experience than you realize.

-It’s not backlit like an Ipad, so it’s restful and easy on the eyes. If you have an Ipad and like to read books on it, go for it.

-More and more books are made available every day. No, not all the books I want/love are on Kindle, not yet.

-I’ve discovered books and writers, not only bestsellers but very cool, obscure, and ancient writing I’d only seen in crumbly yellow hard to read editions.

-It’s six times easier to read a Kindle outside and/or in bed than a regular book. No glare, its light, no propping open pages, no angling for light.

-Carry your own personal library around in one dedicated device.

-Unlike my beloved Iphone, the battery charge on a Kindle lasts a seriously long time.

-It is awesome getting a book instantly.

-you can highlight text easily, and refer to it later. It does take some getting used to, and it’s not as fast as underlining with a pen or highlighter, but it’s neat and more fun once you get the hang of it.

-It’s just cool.

I do have lots of hardcopy books I’ll keep forever. Sometimes the physicality of the book, the object itself is what you want. Me too, just know the Kindle adds another world to the book/reading experience.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum



2 responses to “Why You Should Get a Kindle

  1. The biggest reason I haven’t bought a Kindle is that you can’t get ebooks at Half Price Books or garage sales.

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