The Power of 1 Hour

Time is a thief, it takes away. Time is also a bestower of gifts. Time marks our life’s passage, it happens to everyone and you receive the same amount of it today everyone else receives. No one has any more (or less) time than you do. Use it.

Our culture orders the day into 24 segments and there is power in each hour. Keep this in mind; the really IMPORTANT STUFF in life is usually done each day. We deal with the past and let it go, we reach toward the future in terms of plans, dreams, values, and goals.

Here’s some ways to tap into the Power of 1 Hour:

-Work 1 Hour on a project you dread, fear, avoid. Just 1 hour, then quit. You can do this for an hour can’t you? Set a timer, set an alarm. You can endure an hour.

-Spend 1 Hour totally focused on someone you love/care about. Life is way short. When was the last time to you spent an entire hour giving your eyes, ears, your heart, your conversation, your attendance and attention to one person? To God? It’s a life-changer.

-Focus 1 Hour of concentrated reflection on your life direction. Evaluate your work progress, your relationships to God and others. How’s it going? Take the hour to stop, take a breath, meditate, reflect.

-Take 1 Hour to enjoy a great meal. The slow food movement will likely never take hold in American culture, but you can do this occasionally. A great simple unhurried meal sharing talking and laughing with family/friends is awesome. 

-Take 1 hour for a nap. Ah. All these suggestions work best when you’re fresh, a nap helps! A nap is mastery over the environment, it’s a luxury and a blessing. Less than hour is fine, just devote an hour to the “nap process”; getting quiet and comfortable, dozing off, the nap itself, then an unhurried awakening. Presto! A New YOU!

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum  



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