5 Lifepoints in Psalms 39


Mentioned to someone I enjoy reading the Psalms. They looked at me and asked “why?”.  Easy answer; there’s a lot of Life in the Psalms, many were written as “songs of ascent” for ancient pilgrims to Jerusalem. The Psalms deal with the daily gritty realities of existence.

Here’s 5 Lifepoints that jump out of Psalms 39: 1-6

1)  Take Heed To My Ways. It’s amazing how many good folks go through life like a ping pong or pinball, moving with little reflection from sensation to sensation. Time invested in self-evaluation is golden.

2) Keep Your Mouth.  I need to take two beats and think before speaking, and maybe five or ten beats if it’s a conflict situation. Sometimes it’s best just to keep it to yourself – acknowledge and deal with it, but words can’t be taken back.

3) Seek To Know Your End.  At 60, there are fewer years ahead than behind and this is strangely comforting. Some things I’ll never have to do again – Yay! How will my life end up if I stay on my present course? It’s worth some consideration, no?

4) Know the Measure Of Your Days.  Do you waste time or invest it? If you died tonight, have you really lived today? How do you measure/evaluate your life? What standards do you use? Are you living a passionate balanced life? It’s possible and achievable by you. Trust me on this.

5) Be Not Disquieted In Vain.  Here’s a confession; I absolutely wasted time, energy, concern and drama over things that make no difference at all. Period. It’s a human thing to do, and it’s really stupid. No more. I’m done with that. I’m not letting anything petty steal my joy or peace of mind. I’ll get excited and invest myself in things that matter.

That’s it, thanks for readin’

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum



One response to “5 Lifepoints in Psalms 39

  1. Great points here, Cary. Thanks for for helping me think through this Psalm. Love it!

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