Got Nothin’ To Do? Seriously?

I’m amazed at folks who say they got nothin’ to do. I work with folks who sometimes say this. How can that be? Sure we can’t do everything we want when we want – but nothin’ to do? Seriously?

Besides all the great human need in the world today, here’s a random list that might get you rolling to better, more important things.

Listen to someone. Smile in the rain. Help a person achieve their vision. Get a stub of pencil, a little spiral notebook and take notes. Type on a typewriter. Wear sunglasses. Throw a book into your pocket, read something. Chop firewood. Carve a ship from a bar of soap.

Agree with a friend’s opinions, no matter how off they are. Work leather. Welcome immigrants. Fiddle with things (alternative to this: putter around). Sit in a chair by a window. Trim crepe myrtle bushes. Do something for joy instead of money. Nod to strangers. Clean tools. Sit through something to the very end. Be the last one to leave.

Make someone’s dreams come true. Write a letter. Throw away all your pens that won’t write. Polish chrome. Make yourself indispensible. See your way clear.

Be the nicest person someone ever met. Work up a horrific sweat then take a nice shower. Move to a smaller house in a nicer area. Make people glad to know you. Notice details. In the camp of life, claim your place at the fire.

Now, there ya go. That’ll get ya rollin’.

Peace ya’ll,

Cary Branscum


One response to “Got Nothin’ To Do? Seriously?

  1. Hi Cary, One of the things that becomes an issue with me about blogging is that I don’t spend enough time reading others blogs. Usually, I just do my own blog and wait for the comments to come in … sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. When I do get to looking at blogs other than my own, I often find a post that is just marvelous, like this one, posted way back in July and has no comments. I just don’t understand it. This should be on the front page of a big city newspaper. People need it. They just don’t know where to find it. Thanks for writing a great post and sharing. John

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