Readers Live 4 Additional Lives – Enjoy!

Busy-ness serves many functions, but it’s not a pace you can continue forever nor is it desirable to do so. I’ve had an extremely busy summer, now I’m re-entering a world I’ve missed; the world of reading books. If you’re an avid reader, I’m preaching to the choir. If you’re not hooked on reading, here’s something you may be missing.

Readers gain 4 Additional Lives, here they are:

 The YOU engaged in the reading process. Folks can read in many different settings; home,  subway, long trips, planes, trains, and automobiles. I knew a college professor who read while stopped for traffic lights. He’d read till someone honked (this is not recommended).  The YOU engaged in reading, holding the book or Kindle, the visual and mental focus, this adds up to an additional life.

 The YOU interacting with the text, including all your feelings, thoughts and experiences, is an immersion in another world, perhaps another time and place. Books and reading take us away via the magic of words, yet physically leave us right where we need to be at the moment.

The YOU “projected” into the text. A good read can give us the opportunity to be ourselves yet be someone else at the same time. It’s a form of transport, allowing us freedom to become a character or participant in the world created by the text. I’ve been to mountaintops, deserts, jungles, and flown to other worlds while remaining comfortably in my chair.

The life of the author. What?  How is this an additional life? Writing a book is a challenging, onerous task. While most writers are readers, not all readers are writers. I have this little blog, do some writing in my work, and keep journal notes. That’s it. If you are an aspiring writer, my hat’s off to you, but I’ll never join your ranks.  The world entered via reading was created by the author, it’s the product after an intense investment of time and effort. The life of the author is invested in the work, and the reader reaps the benefit.

Thanks forREADING!

Peace ya’ll,


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