Why Your Day Matters & How to Make It

Drifting through life is a slow death. It can be a course of choice, but drifting by definition is usually a non-choice. Waking to a new day and sliding through with blinders, going with the flow, taking all that comes is fine on rare occasions.  As a lifetyle, it’s a waste.

Here’s why your day matters:

No one has ever lived today. Not you, not the President of the United States, not one living soul has yet lived this specific day. Guess what? You and everyone else blessed to draw breath gets to live today, and you have a good shot at living it well if that’s your intention.

Today is a non-repeatable event. It may look like repetition but it’s not. The two o’clock today is not the same as yesterday, or last night, or any day before. People, circumstances, weather, big things and little change every single day.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I can’t call back today when it’s done. I count on having a fresh day tomorrow, but it’s not here at the moment. The choices I make today will have results tomorrow, as will all the good and bad things that happen to me and my world.

Here’s 5 ways to make your day:

1) What’s the biggest goal, the biggest Mission in your life? Figure this out and do something toward it every single day, the results add up over time.

2) Have a sacred space in your day. Spend time with God, train yourself to recognize sacred moments, treat each person with respect. This increases your own personal life value and greatly enhances your day.

3) Everyone finds time to eat physical food, don’t forget food for the soul. See the colors in the sunrise in addition to the red tail lights in the morning commute. Let a favorite song fill your world with music. Have a good book or favorite movie waiting for your enjoyment later; little things like this give your day an expectant bounce.

4) Touch base with those you love, and don’t under-value brief encounters. A two-minute phone call, a quick lunch, even sharing a joke or observation enriches your life.

5) Achieve something. You may not hit all your sales numbers, you may not return every email or phone call. I want to do an impeccable job each day and I’m seldom 100% successful, some days I just roll the wheel forward. Think of your work and achievements as one slice of the pie chart that is your life. When I allow my work/achievement slice to take over the other slices, I’m forgetting the rest of the pie. That’s not good. Do all you can today and let it be.  

Your Day Matters because YOU matter. Let’s go out and get it.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum

2 responses to “Why Your Day Matters & How to Make It

  1. Very nicely written Cary. It is all too easy in the pattern of life, to not see each day as an individual opportunity. Thanks

  2. Oh Cary ….. what a great post!

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