When You Die, We’re Splitting Up Your Gear

Yikes! what kind of blog title is that?  While not as scary or brutal as it first seems, there’s a kernel of truth for all of us.  Saw the title phrase on a t-shirt; a tongue-in-cheek common saying among soldiers on the ground. Soldiers go into combat situations and look out for one another-losing a buddy is the worst thing ever. Bonds grow strong in ways non-combat folks never understand. Even strong enough to joke a bit about gear being split up after your demise. Even if it’s the truth. Soldiers (and we) need gear to live and complete our missions.

Think about this a moment; Mondays can be tough, but there’ll come a day when you don’t have a Monday, or Tuesday, or rest of the week. We’ll be gone from this place. Life is brief, and the “little departures” in our lives can help us value and use the life we’re living right now. And somebody will split up your Gear.

I visit churches served full-time in the past, someone else is in “my” old office. Sometimes I’ve returned to office kitchens to retrieve an old coffee mug. On leaving Valero energy in the early ’80s (the years, not my age-yet), an old cassette tape of Bob Dylan’s “Basement Tapes” forgotten in my desk drawer helped my successor through many a long afternoon.

My lovely bride will likely outlive me, I’m four years older, she’s gorgeous, that’s a no-brainer. She won’t last single long.

When I quit this mortal coil, somebody will split up my gear. Some will go to kids who want whatever they want, not what you think they’ll want. My lovely bride will keep a few things, not many.  Some stuff will go to Goodwill, most will go to the curb wrapped in plastic trashbags, flappin’ in the breeze. Yep, all I love will be carried away. That’s a quote from author Stephen King.  

So what’s the good news? You and I are alive, and we still have our gear! In light of the eventual gear-split-up, ask yourself some questions:

-What’s your mission/goal/destination in this life?

-Do you have the gear to get there?(physical/mental/spiritual/emotional/talent/skillset)

-What do you need to throw away? Do it! Make room to think and create space for the real gear you need.

-What do you need to acquire? Carefully select gear and get it.

There are many places in the world where I am currently absent. I’m really only in one place-here. Someday I won’t be anywhere, and somebody will split up my gear. Let’s live today full, focus on who and what matters, focus on the mission, enjoy your gear.

By the way..that pen you’re using..will you be need it..never mind.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum  

One response to “When You Die, We’re Splitting Up Your Gear

  1. When you go can I have your Moses costume?

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