3 Influences that Shape our Lives

1) The BOOKS we read.  Even if you’re not much of a reader, this is true. Books invite us into the realities of other people, other worlds. We are mightily impacted by the written word; specifically images and feelings words conjure. There is a tremendous amount of “ambient impact” via reading. We begin to understand or even take on the mindset of the writer, experiencing thoughts and feelings we’d never achieve alone. Words lodge in memory, then come forth when needed.

Are you reading? Who? What? Choose a course of reading and choose the course of your life. I’m not kidding.  Reading is a form of magic.

2) The PEOPLE WE MEET.  Human interactions change us, the impact ranges from minimal to gene-altering. Long term, short term, chance words, a look, a blessing, an approval, a nod, a frown, a dismissal – my life has changed currents in the presence of these. How about you? Real life, Twitter, Facebook –  all can be life changers.

How do you treat the people you meet? How do you tweet the people you meet? How do you post? Polish your communication skills and polish your influence.

3)  EXPERIENCES. That’s plural; all our experiences work together to create beliefs, attitudes, “agreements” about who we are; what life is about. Every past experience impacts this moment. The five senses take in raw data, the body/mind/soul/spirit processes every single bit. Data becomes experience after we process and reflect on it.

How’s your data processing? Do you need to question some beliefs, attitudes, agreements about life and who you are? We can choose. We can interpret. Life throws things at us that require action. We can also choose good experiences that help us grow.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum

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