Lessons via Gens X & Y

I’m your parents, or at least your dad. My generation yearned to make the world a better place till the dream of money and stuff grew powerful. We succeeded and failed. It depends who you ask and how you define. My boomer default position tends to self-focus; I resist that in order to talk about you and the lessons you share. 

Lessons from Gen X:

Life can be a mess, it’s still vital to care about life and others.

Respect individuality. Friends are important but be yourself.

Strive for a work/life balance. Life is more than job/career.

There are times when it’s okay to just hang out and relax.

Follow your lead on adopting technology. You live it and help me.

Family matters when you’ve grown up seeing families fall apart.

Balance interdependency with self-reliance.

Grunge proved boomers (Neil Young) & Gen X (Pearl Jam) rock.


Lessons from Gen Y:

Serve others less fortunate, care and act.

Live with hope every day.

Relationships are HUGE.

You believe you can make a difference, I’ll join you.

You show respect; something I need to do much more.

Fun, flexibility, structure and feedback can work together.

You Facebook more than Twitter but that’s….okay.

Respect the power of cellphone and text.

You are spiritual but not big on church. There’s a challenge.

A generation can wear flip-flops year round and still change the world.

Both Gens have taught me to recycle, consider my carbon footprint, use things in amazing new ways, be active in community, and serve others. Both have taught me life is filled with many more “bottom-lines” than simply financial or personal agendas. Love you guys, thanks for being in my world and letting me share yours.

Cary Branscum 

One response to “Lessons via Gens X & Y

  1. Cary, I loved reading your take on the X’s and Y’s!! Indeed, I found myself becoming quite moved ~ You are so perceptive to life and people! Thanks for sharing this:) @tracykates

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