3 Keys to Un-Stuck

Nobody likes feeling stuck. Think of the places this happens in our lives. It can be self-image, playing old tapes unconsciously, tapes that weren’t even valid when first recorded in minds and hearts.  We get stuck in relationships, allowing circumstances or fear of change to keep life in a rut. We get stuck in work or social situations in which we’re tolerated vs celebrated.  Are you stuck?

3 Keys to Un-Stuck

KEY 1:  Start a Journey. Think of it this way. When we view any situation as simply part of our lives, it hard to get un-stuck.  Identify where you are and where you want to go regarding this situation. Journey thinking leads to asking the tough questions about our lives right now. Are things worth changing? If change isn’t needed, can you re-frame the situation?

KEY 2: Identify a destination. Here’s the deal; a journey with no destination is travel or sight-seeing, but it’s not much of a journey. YOU and your precious life are worth a journey. Where do you want to be in a year, five years, ten years? Know it, state it, see it, write it down every single day. Hone your destination vision; is your identified destination the one you really seek? A better job may not be a destination, but a goal; the destination you really seek may be financial security. A new love may be a goal, the destination may be an opportunity to fully share your life with another person.

KEY 3:  Make a treasure map and take notes along the way. The map begins where you are now, and ends with your destination. A treasure map is your journey on paper and even in pictures. It’s the steps, goals, direction, actions to take. Look at your treasure map first thing in the morning, keep it handy and DO SOMETHING ON YOUR JOURNEY each day.

No more “stuck” for you,

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum

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