Turn Problems Upside Down

Can you recall moments that changed your life? Sometimes the “Ah-ha” comes years or even decades later. Grab your pen (one right there by the coffee cup), find a blank spot in that little spiral notebook, and list your personal pivotal moments.
My earliest personal “Ah-ha” moment happened in 2nd grade. Like every guy in class, I was in love with Miss Grant, though at age 28 she was a bit out of my league. Attention from Miss Grant was worth anything.
The class was in the process of making gifts for Father’s Day. This involved a wire coat hanger bent to a boomerang shape; a dollop of Elmer’s glue attached felt hands to each end plus a happy face to the circular hanger piece. Voila! A tie rack for Dad.
The project was designed to fit the gift boxes purchased by Miss Grant.
Problem: The gift was too tall for the box, the lids wouldn’t fit. The bent coathanger “arms” of the project were an inch too high. Miss Grant and the class huddled with furrowed brows round a box with the too-tall gift.
Solution: Reaching around Miss Grant, I grabbed the gift, turned it upside down-perfect fit. A burst of applause! Miss Grant, peering through fish-eye glasses set with semi-precious stones said, “Oh-perfect, Cary” hugging me to her side; a moment never to be forgotten.
 Here’s an awesome piece of information; All your problems involve two integrated but distinct components
1) The Problem 2) You.
Work on you first, then tackle the problem.
I’ve been fixing problems, shooting angles, going around, burrowing through, chipping away, outlasting, embracing, reframing, laughing, crying, and turning problems upside down for several decades now. 
And what if something is impossible? Nobody’s done it yet so be the first. Do something radically different. Can’t find a good relationship in your current life situation? Turn your situation upside down. Feel lonely? Visit a monastery. Hungry? Take food to the homeless. No job? Use the time to grow yourself. Broke? Haul off and move to the place you’d most want to live regardless of money. This ain’t rocket science, it all starts with you. I don’t accept the definition of impossible till I’ve tried it all.  
 You got this. You can do this.
Peace y’all,
Cary Branscum

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