7 Monday Ideas

It’s Monday, coffee in hand, your world revs up; grab these ideas to jump-start your day.

1) Forget Past Success.  It’s good to cherish and re-live the great things we did yesterday, last year, last decade, last century. Good morning; today is knocking. What am I going to do with today? Past success gets you where you are, but past success doesn’t guarantee your ticket to tomorrow. Use past success (and failure) as fodder for today.

2) Start Something.  Get after a hobby, a relationship, or a project. Plan it, don’t get stuck in the planning stage. Do something, even a tiny bit makes a difference. Your house or garage is a mess? Just start with one spot, one corner, one pile. Today’s the day.

3) Expect to work hard. Yikes, it’s the truth. Sometimes hard work is easy, sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad, it’s still a vital part of getting anywhere. I also try to work smart, and my hat’s off to those who know how to succeed working smart instead of hard. I have to do both, and if I spin around in this chair, I’m thinking most people I’d see need to as well.

4) Where do you want success? What does it look like to you? Hone in. Go for the big one.

5) Listen to your jerks, then do what you want. It’s a learned skill, and kinda fun. You know that conversation (usually one way) with that person you can’t please? Note the sinking feeling in your gut, but also take some notes. If we’re willing to do this, our blind spots come into view, and we can choose to do something about them. Or not. It’s your choice.

6) Fear, Pride, Ego, and Laziness are not your friends. Fear paralyzes, Pride blinds and immobilizes, Ego takes up way too much emotional real estate to maintain, and laziness cheats you and everyone else.

7) Handle it. You know what it is. Project, relationship, issue, problem, opportunity, conflict- handle it. You might as well, it’s Monday anyway.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum


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