Re-Purpose; William Shatner & You

When you think re-purpose, think William Shatner. Bit part actor in early television, iconic Captain Kirk in Star Trek series and movies, recording artist, philanthropist and philosopher.  Philosopher? He referred to the poem Ozymandius in an interview; he’s a philosopher in my book. You know William Shatner, don’t you? He’s at the top of the game as King of Re-Purpose; unafraid to engage skills and talents in many arenas.

Do you fit the world you inhabit?  Maybe you’ve never thought about it. Reflect on relationships, living space, work, location; all the nodal points in your environment. Are your inner worlds and outer worlds congruent? Do you fit? 

Terms like re-purpose and re-gift have become part of daily speech. The re-purpose idea is simple; take something purposed in one context, change as needed, and give it a different purpose, either in the same context or another.  One great thing about humans is the ability to intentionally repurpose our lives. Here’s some steps to help you get there.

4 Steps to Re-Purpose Yourself:

1) What’s working and in your life right now and what isn’t? It’s time to quit smoking but you see yourself as a smoker. If it doesn’t fit, now is the time to take action. Maybe your job, city, or body image doesn’t fit; could be time to change or re-purpose.

 2) What can you do to improve each situation or elegantly extract yourself? Before giving up, make a few more runs at improving that job, friendship, or marriage. Regardless of outcome, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you did all you could. If it’s time to quit, do it impeccably; don’t leave a mess for others to clean up.  

3) Are there issues you can identify and address in relationships, home, or workplace? 

4) By re-thinking your identity, skills, and view of self, can you find creative ways to address these issues? Think outta-the-box. Start a work resource lending library in your office, let everyone know it’s there. Identify the problem client no one can please and get to know them better. Find ways to become the go-to person. How’s your love life? One spring season years ago, my wife was not in the best of moods. I showed up at the door with flowers, wearing an Easter bunny suit. Okay, too much for you, but it worked for me (us).

You are too much and too good to be and/or fit just one thing. Look inside, then look around, look for your new re-purpose.

Peace y’all,

Cary Branscum

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