7 Outta-the-box Places Opportunity Hides

Is opportunity playing a game of hide & seek? Looking for better relationships, but the field is sparse? Looking for a job, but nothing is certain?

We don’t want opportunity to play this game; we want to seize the day. We say to opportunity “come out come out wherever you are” and maybe it does. Opportunity may knock, yell, beat down the door, but sometimes opportunity hides.

Check these 7 outta-the-box places opportunity hides:

VISION  The first place to look is within yourself. What do you want your life to look like? A detailed vision of who and what you want to be helps identify the steps to get there. It can also help us recognize and jump up opportunities along the way.
TIMES  Be your own analyst of the times. List ways the present differs from the past in areas that matter to you. These are harsh days economically, yet lots of folks make a living. Relationships seem more tenuous than ever, but it’s likely you have some good ones. How do relationships work these days? A fresh look at the times can help identify opportunities we hadn’t noticed before.
CULTURE  Regardless of where you live, cultural elements shape the environment. Workplace culture varies widely. The suburbanite and the downtown city dweller lead different lives. You may be a Yankee living in a southern culture, or vice versa. How can you fit in? How can you stand out in good ways? What elements can you embrace?
CURRENT CHOICES  If the whole world isn’t your oyster, you still have a few oysters around. How are you currently choosing to use your time and resources? Are these choices taking you closer to your vision?
PROACTIVITY  Have a plan and do something. If you want to move to the mountains, go scout some places. If you dream of living in New York City, go check it out. If you want a job in high tech, interview some folks who are doing what you’d like to do. Get busy on your plan; meet some people, start something.
TALENT  “I don’t have any”. Come on, you know that isn’t so. List some things you do well. Have a bit of fun with it. Do you make a good cup of coffee? Are you a social butterfy? Can you work with all kinds of people? All these things count.

 APPEARANCE  I hate to add this one. In a perfect world, you and I would be judged on effort and intention with little regard for appearance. In the real world appearance matters. Maybe you need an update regarding clothes, looks, personal grooming. Forget those things you can’t change, work on those you can, and do it within a reasonable budget. A positive upgrade in appearance can result in greater self-esteem. It can also change the way we are perceived. A new haircut or a nice pair of shoes may not guarantee life-long love or the corner office, but it can make a big difference.

That’s it, no guarantees, no magic formulas. I want you to seize all opportunities, including the ones hiding right now. 

Peace, y’all. 

Cary Branscum

2 responses to “7 Outta-the-box Places Opportunity Hides

  1. Cary,

    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Your writing uplifts and inspires! And you have a flowing style, which is very agreeable.

    Have great day:)


    • I do work on the flowing style, Tracy.That way, if something catches your eye, it’s easier to keep the flow of attention. And like many folks who blog, I write things that I need or want to hear myself. The fact that others even read me at all is a delightful thing.

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