4 Qualities of People and Things We Love

God’s Love is Eternal, but the love experience of finite human beings can vacillate like crazy. There are people and things we love now, perhaps have always loved, and always will. Humans also fall in and out of love in ways that seem unexplainable.

Why should we care about this? First, there are loved ones in our lives, and we can choose to enhance these relationships. Second, we’ll spend our time, attention and resources regardless; it’s my belief we can to some degree choose how we  feel about people and things. Love is a vast, inexhaustible topic. Here are just four of the many qualities of people and things we love.

Awareness of these four qualities can help us make better choices. Let’s get to it.

People and Things We Love Are:

PRESENT:  They are “there for us” often unexpectedly showing up at just the right times in ways we need or want. Even people and things we’ve loved and lost are still present in heart,mind, and memory. While this may be painful, it can also be life enhancing. Some loves can be contextual; there are people we love to work with, or coffee we love to drink early in the morning.

CONSISTENT: Doing things for us we didn’t realize we needed or wanted, and at just the right strength in the spectrum between too little and overwhelming. They win us over by doing the right things consistently and over time. Consistent doesn’t mean boring; things and people we love surprise us in positive ways.

ATTRACTIVE: We are fascinated by things and people that attract and capture us in physical, spiritual, or emotional ways. Good looks may be a factor, we can can also be attracted by overall appearance, usefulness, and engaging interactions. Sometimes we are attracted and are clueless why this is so. It does keep life interesting.

CARE: We find it easier to love people who care about the same things we care about. A shared commitment can be a very strong bond. We care about things, objects, tools, and ideas that assist us in causes and commitments that matter. 

Do any of these qualities fit the people and things you love? What can you do to enhance those relationships? Flipside: How can you better develope these four qualities in your own life?

Thanks for reading. Peace y’all.

Cary Branscum

2 responses to “4 Qualities of People and Things We Love

  1. Very nice post. I finally made some time to do some blog
    reading rather than writing…since my muse has left the building.
    I agree that these four qualities are important. But like you
    mentioned in the beginning of you post, love is far more vast and
    encompassing than we can ever truly understand. We can only hope to
    catch a glimpse of it in our lifetime.

    • Thanks so much, truth is, I really enjoy reading a lot more than writing. Writing helps me clarify, organize, and share the things I read-just wish there was an easier way to do it sometimes.

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