No More Cocoons

Faith Popcorn (yes, her real name) coined the phrase “cocooning” for the now accepted practice of staying home esconced in creature comforts. The world can be a dangerous, expensive, uncertain place. Safety is indeed a concern, and the familiar can be comforting.

Can cocooning go too far? Absolutely. Rest, safety, pleasure, and enjoyment in comfortable surroundings are a great place to visit, but you and I were made for more.

Do you feel a fluttering in your spirit, heart, mind, life? Do you wonder if, how, and when your life might take wing? Here are three ways out of the cocoon:

DESIRE  What do you want, and I mean really? It’s worth the self-reflection to dig deeper into your desires. Beneath surface emotions, your heart beats deep and strong with hopes and dreams; perhaps buried crushed or broken yet still beautiful. What do you want? Is God calling you to a closer walk in the Spirit? Are there people who need you? Is there a Road calling you? Identify and nurture these good, God-given heartfelt desires.

TRAUMA Nobody wants to exit a cocoon this way, yet it can be done. Tag it any way you want; physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, it is trauma.  Job loss, divorce, ongoing physical pain or injury, financial ruin may tell us we can’t live in old ways. The cocoon failed and it hurts. Buckminster Fuller, the great futurist grieved over the death of his daughter, finally coming to the realization “I must find a new way to live”, and he did. Get help as you need it, and learn all you can from traumatic experience. You might as well, your experience is the tuition for this knowledge.

PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY  Each person has a history. Our history prepares us to respond in certain ways and work toward certain goals. All past experience prepares us, good or ill, for the opportunities that come our way today. The vital secret? We can CHOOSE much of our preparation. We can set goals, develope skills, and increase our knowledge. When our preparation and desire connect, metamorphosis becomes possible. And when the opportunity comes, we’re ready to try our wings.

Fly my way sometime.


Cary Branscum


2 responses to “No More Cocoons

  1. Sandra Parrotto

    Yes, playing it safe can certainly go too far… unfortunately most wait for the trauma to thrust them into the world. It’s harsh, bright and disconcerting, but does serve to interrupt the “so comfortable” way of being that humans seem to crave. I find that desire is the best way to go after it… Hunting for it, listening to it, giving it space to breathe and watching it blossom… that’s my way out of the cocoon, and believe me, I have absolutely chosen “out” – thank you, enjoyed your perspective…

    • I do blog about things I need to hear myself, and this is one. I do love my comforts, a good book, a quiet evening, a way to shut “the world” out. I’ve fantasized about doing this all the time till I read a study that most of those who retire to a private island can’t last there. We do need engagement, challenge, like the old quote “ships are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are made for”. I think we all have a healthy balance point of challenge vs renewal. I hope and pray all of us find that optimum setting. Thanks so much for your comment.

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