Swim Upstream Today

In the movie “Big Fish”, Albert Finney portrays an aging enigmatic salesman/showman who jokes, smiles, and brings a laugh to friends and family via his mystic eccentricities. The movie title is based on the metaphor of Finney’s character as a Big Fish that swims, spawns, and seeks his way through the river of life.

My contribution is:  Swim Upstream Today

SWIM live grow learn do be – Basic words we use to describe who we are. It includes all the conscious and unconscious processes of the body, mind, soul and spirit, as well as our daily interactions with people and our environment. Swim is about movement, about direction, about what we were made to do.

UPSTREAM goals, mission, purpose. Where are we going? What’s our purpose? Mission? I’m amazed on a daily basis how calm and centered I become in the midst of life when I simply recall goals, mission, purpose. Swimming upstream sets us free from the listless boredom of the aimless drift. Sure, we’ll encounter obstacles, shallow spots, and bump into folks headed downstream, but we’ll get stronger, better as we swim, we were made for this.

TODAY is the only day I have to do anything. This dawn has never been seen by anyone or anything in the history of the world. No one has lived this day before. And each of us has this day before us as opportunity to DO and BE what we choose. I’ll take it! How about you?

4 responses to “Swim Upstream Today

  1. Wow, that’s such an awesome gift to find that I inspired this post. I think your 3 words are powerful and will serve as great guides for 2011.

    Thank you so much!

    • Can’t thank you enough for the impact you, your blog, and your tweets have had in raising my learning curve via so many things. Let thanks be enough for the moment. Looking forward to 2011.

  2. Excellent post Cary!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. Like most things in life, I’ve entered the door backwards, learning as I go. Hopefully this blog will will catch some winds in the sails, and head well into 2011.

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