Redeem December

Alright folks,

This blog just blew in. Wasn’t wanting to write a blog, but this one is on the way for some reason. Let’s see if there’s anything good to say (via me) or more importantly, anything good to hear (via you).

 December is a month when the earth seems in transition, in northern climes the winter affects almost every life form from microbes, to trees, plants, and humanity. Bears hibernate, human have that option, but there’s another option for December.

 This is the perfect month to intentionally find little pockets of time to ASSESS:

1) Who you are, what you are

2) Who and what you love

3)  What ACTION you’ll take in light of these things.

 As bears hibernate by instinct, I’ve always used time in December to do life assessment. Here’s why:

*Schedules change during December, for some it’s slower, for some faster.

*The holidays force our attention toward a bit of reflection, so I maximize that.

*Others get our attention by their holiday behaviors, good, bad, weird, amusing, loving.

*Few things are exactly the way I want them, and lots of things I want to make better.


The ULTIMATE reason to use December for assessment and action is this:

A New Year is just around the corner. No one’s ever lived the year coming up.Your shot at living the New Year is as good and unknown as anyone else’s.“It’s a New Year” is the perfect answer, excuse, reason, response you can give anyone who happens to ask you about the changes in your life.

 Here’s some suggestions:

*Ruthlessly assess who/what you are/ who/what you love, what actions you want to take. That’s right, assess without Ruth, unless you need her help in the assessment. Second point, only list actions you WANT to take, and have a good reason for doing so. Half-hearted “should” actions waste your time and energy. Do it or don’t do it. Simple.

 *Decide what physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter you can just throw out, recycle, or give away. I’m serious, just quit, walk away from, give away, or trash the stuff. Taking this action in one area gives momentum to do it in other areas. It’s the perfect time of year for it. It’s kinda fun, and you’ll love the fresh new open spaces in your life.

 *Take a fresh look at where you stand with God, the world, and other people. What do you want to happen, what do you want to DO in these relationships? Go for it. If we’re granted another year of life, this can be the year when these relationships can get really good, and come together, and how awesome would that be for you?

 Do it, now’s the time. Nothing to stop you. Anyone asks why all the changes, you shrug and say “it’s a New Year, doing some things different and better”. That’s all that’s needed.

 So there, the Muse, or whatever has just left. The blog is written. Hope you like it.

Above all, accept my thanks for reading it.



3 responses to “Redeem December

  1. My sentiments exactly Cary. Been doing just that with Dec and I am just about coming to a good resolve on the New Year. But I’ve recently ran across loads of signs that have been nagging me, and for some reason, repeats itself clearly in need of attention… and that is.. the nasties of life, like global warming, hardships of others and whatever we can do to ease those tensions.

    So there I am thinking of how I can get better, and suddenly, signs keep on appearing for me to make others’ better, and your blog seemed to just affirm that. God has a way…

    So what next… I got another few weeks to January, and a few moments to think about this… and I hope everyone else that reads this have a good hard look at the people around them and lend a helping hand to anyone that needs it. I on the other hand, I’ll try my best as well. Thanks for this post Cary. Made a load of sense to me.

  2. Thanks again Cary. Great ideas.

  3. Cary,

    Thanks for the inspiration for the coming year.
    Happy New Year!

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