Random Things I’m learning…

photo_972_20081008    Photo courtesy: http://bit.ly/31vkh

You’ll notice the present tense; learning. Always been a student/learner of God, faith, life, my own journey, and I’m fascinated by your journey as well. Always open and alive to people, it’s not a choice, it’s just the way I’ve always been. Living a “closed-in” life, even in the midst of hurt for any length of time is just no way to live. And there is the endless fascination with sights, sounds, coffee, text, pictures, jokes, movies, words, images, pocketknives, flashlights, toys, and the usual items of geekocity.

 In two years I’ll be 60. If you’re that age or north of it, I don’t think of you as old, I just hope to have some things in place by that time for myself. Don’t care to look young, but do want to look and be interesting to myself and others. Who knows? In two years I may start wearing belts with suspenders, pull my pants up to my armpits and gripe about the government full time. I may wear a jaunty hat to add some character. If I can cultivate a waist-length beard, I might hire out as a part time 3-D yard gnome-it’s a thought, and believe me, I can pull off the look.

Here are some random things I’m learning along the way:

1) Time spent on spiritual growth and development is well spent. As a fulltime Christian servant, I’ve had lots of opportunities to study and practice some thing in-depth, and I’m grateful.  While so much religious study ends up being navel-gazing, there is much that is challenging, exciting, practical, and very much focused on living what Jesus called Life in John chapter 10 verse10. He came to give Life with a capital L. Any life short of that misses the point.

 2) People matter-not only more than material things, but people matter more than our ego, false pride, self-protection, defensiveness, comfort zones, convenience, and our own cherished agendas. This is a paradox. I’ve lost so much, but gain so much when I value people above  things.

 3) Even if we don’t know ourselves, others know what we’re good at and not so good at. It’s a useful, sobering thing to ask someone we trust for an evaluation of our gifts, talents, and abilities.

 4) Others decide what we do or say that is helpful or not so helpful for them. Each day, we make choices, set goals, establish priorities and “put things out there” in our interactions in work and relationships. We put it out there, they decide, and it’s always this way.

 5) Share what you have, it may bless somebody.  A good word, a greeting, a nod, a handshake, something you’ve written, a picture you’ve taken, a special gift, a book, a note, it all is grist for the mill of helping others along the way.

 6) Gauge the amount of “stuff” in your life by where you are in life, and what you’re trying to achieve. At this point, I’ve gotten rid of lots of stuff, but I love and use the stuff I still have. Wish I’d cleared stuff out earlier.

 7) Good choices you’ve made earlier in life keep paying dividends, bad choices keep costing you. Whaddya do? Start making good choices today. I’m still learnin’ this.

 8) Treat people right. Some don’t deserve it, but you deserve to consider yourself the type of person who treats others right.

 9) We all need a good dose of grace and forgiveness in our lives, so let’s remember to dish it out to others as well.

 10) Everyday, live for who and what matters, and follow the road that’ll take you there. You may get lost, but you’ll have a compass to find your way.

 Thanks, you’re so awesome, hope this helps. Need to hire a 3-D yard gnome? I’m available.

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