Road Work

Why I walk/jog (mostly walk) an hour a day    

Not trying to convince you to do it, just sayin’ why I do

Wrote this in two step hiking or jogging rhythm   One, two, one, two

Definitely in Old Guy territory age-wise           

Grumpy Old Men is a funny movie, not so fun in real life

Everything works great right now, but won’t if I don’t       

Releases the “feel good” sprinklers in the brain

Coffee after workout is exquisite      

Sleep great

My body is the only engine I’ve got to travel life’s road   

Likely to live quite a while longer, it can be good or bad

Working out on a good day is blissful and carefree time      

A full hour of listening to great music

Our belief systems create emotional “dead-ends” and we feel bad   

Exercise kicks through these dead-ends. and I sail full tilt into life

Shows me a world outside my car       

Gives me new vistas

Body is meat and we talk to it in chemical code via exercise   

One hour workout burns calories the other 23 hours

I want to ski with my grandson in a few years     

The results are not far short of Magic.

I’ll be dead soon enough, and for a long time        

Because I can, and so wish everyone could…

That’s it. See ya on the road…Wave to me.

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