Reflections in a Coffee Cup

Every morning begins with a fresh cup of coffee, and occasionally I’ll catch a glimpse of my face as I pour the fresh brew into my mug. Who is that person, really? Who are you?

Each day is a constant flow of small miracles and minor tragedies. Some days they’re not so small. Some days are flat out amazing in good and bad ways. Each day, raw data comes constantly to and through our five senses. Some days it takes me a lot of time, and a lot of coffee, to triage, reflect on, and process the data into experience. These experiences get grouped into stories, and all my stories equal who I am, equal my life.

We are here, we think, feel and we write; symbols that represent things. Is that not incredible? Marks for letters, words, lines on a page speak from person to person. All possible because of mutually agreed upon meanings for the marks we call writing.

We are here, but where is here?  We are swirling around on a round rock that spins around once a day. It has always happened, and here we are. Forgotten generations have gone before us, but we feel like the first ones here.

Why are we here? I have answers for that, you may too, and the answers are vital and ultimate because they shape how we live, who we love, where we end up after our journey here.

We, you and I, our kind have been on this planet for what seems to us a long time. The Earth was here before us.  But before us, nothing seemed matter-no humans for things to matter to. It’s us humans who seek meaning and purpose, every other form of life on this planet seems to know what it’s about.  

The people are the real show here, with the universe as props and scenery. It’s not? Then why do we use the amazing complexity of the earth around us as a mere backdrop to our personal dramas, trapped with tunnel vision on our own issues? Maybe we need to get out of ourselves more, and serve in the lives of others. Maybe we need to get out into the magnificence of nature while we still can to revive our bodies and souls. I like being me most of the time, but I also need a break from me. Service is one good healthy way to do that, getting out into the sun and wind and sky and earth is another.

 We whirl around one of about a thousand million suns we know of. In light of this, my God, how special we’re here at all.   It’s cool, you and I are here. We got to be  born, so many-including about a million other variations of you-didn’t get to be here. But you and I did, we won at getting here. We ponder the big questions of existence, and we take for granted the blessing we exist at all.

The dead and the unborn ask no such questions. But, you and I are here, right now. I’m grateful. Let’s live today. Now drink your coffee, it’s gettin’ cold…

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