A Clean, Well-Lighted Shack

My Shack

My Shack

“The Pleasure of a small dwelling, intensely inhabited, occasionally shared”

–  Ann Cline from A Hut of One’s Own

 A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. That’s what Hemingway called it. Most of us need a spot, a place, somewhere to rest, reflect, get away, refresh, read, relax, whatever restores your soul, and hones your soul for life.

 Why have a shack or even a special spot inside your home?

-Let’s you “get away” while still being home

-Solitude, Space, Rest, Coffee, Reading, Writing, Music

-Prayer, Devotion, Meditation, “thinking and feeling through”

-A dressing room for your life

-A place to make personal, original inquiries into the nature of life

-A place for meditative objects, or souvenirs/totems/tools of life

 Here’s the one I built in the side yard in Austin, Texas ‘fore we moved back to Fort Worth. I’ve never built anything bigger than a dog house.  Hmmm…Come to think of it….that’s exactly…well..

YOU CAN DO THIS! Just don’t check my work too closely. People ask me if it’s “square”, and I say, it’s “square with itself”. I used cheap blocks for the base, and used 2”x4”s to build a floor on the blocks. I then built the  walls, and set them up, built the roof last. I found the wooden siding, the door, and the stained glass window at a salvage yard.

The little side window, and the rest of the lumber, stain, shingles, and 10 million nails came from Home Depot. The whole thing is 6 feet by 7 feet. It’s about 6’6” at the highest point inside. Along the interior wall by the stained glass window I nailed fence slats for a desk. Along the other wall I put a camp cot, and I put in a tiny cheap window air conditioner. Why? You guessed it—Nap City!

I insulated the whole thing, built it small enough so I wouldn’t need a permit. I built it in a corner of a side yard and only the roof is visible from the street. I set it just right, so the morning sun comes in the little side window over my shoulder, and the evening sun illuminates the stained glass window.

It’s watertight, snug, and cool in the summer. I ran a heavy duty extension cord along the side fence rail, and through a hole in the back where I run everything of a power strip.Want a copy of the Plans? TOO BAD! THERE ARE NO PLANS! There never were any plans, I made it up as I went along.

Two Points:

1)       You need a clean well lighted place.

2)       You can find a place, or you can build a place.

It’s up to you.     Cary

5 responses to “A Clean, Well-Lighted Shack

  1. I love it. An adult playhouse.

  2. I love this house. You belong in this book http://www.smallhousestyle.com/

    btw Cary..you are the most encouraging person yourself. Thanks for being you.

  3. A place for two best friends & hunting buddies to plan whitetail deer hunting trips and strategize “How to bag Elvis.” You spent more time in the shack and got “Elvis”. I should have built my own shack. Got a shatungu in my backyard now.

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