Make a Soundtrack for your Life

Music is a huge deal to me, maybe to you too. It’s all around us if we listen. I learned to play guitar so I could always have music if AM radio went away. That was a dumb worry. AM, FM, satellite radio, cassettes, records, cds, ipods, streaming, analog to digital, more music than ever. And a lot of folks I listened to as a kid are still out there, heard Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood a few weeks ago. Those songs I listened to on AM radio, now performed live in the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

So what’s a “soundtrack for your life”? It’s about gathering the music around you that enhances your life, at home, at work, your relationships, your worship. Here’s some ideas:

1) Pick your media. Great way right now is the obvious Ipod and Itunes, use it all the time. I also buy a CD if I want a hard copy of the music, put it on my Ipod. I have records/cassettes/turntable but that whole scene is a world unto itself. Use whatever media gets you music the way you want it.

2) Pick music you want suited for the setting. I listen to instrumental soundtracks/chill/ambient at work. Lyrics distract me from work. In the car, I still listen to radio. There’s music to lift you up, bring you down, get you excited, calm down. For Bible study, I listen to The Passion of the Christ, The Mission, The Last Temptation of Christ. When we have groups over, I play music from their particular era, music I think they’ll enjoy.

3) Take the time to have the basic equipment in each setting that enhances the music. I play my Ipod over desktop computer speakers, works fine. An Ipod jack for the car, and an under-the-desk amplifier tuner with small but high quality speakers at home. I don’t play music loud unless I’m by myself, or it’s a party.

Results? Music for what you need. When I’m feelin’ low, I’ll stablize my mood with music. When I’m happy, I’ll enhance it with music. People calm down when they come into my office or home. If it’s a celebration, we crank it up.

You like music, put more of it in your life. It’s fun finding good music, it’s relatively cheap, it’s everywhere. Try it and see what happens.
I wish good listenin’ to everyone.

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